After 3 years, 13 Meetups and 2400+ members, we performed our 1st VIRTUAL Meetup on Autonomous Driving on 2020/05/19!

Here you can find all the presented slides.

Design 3D Scenes for Automated Driving Simulation

Shashank Sharma & Peter Fryscak, Mathworks

PDF Download Link: MathWorks_Design-3D-Scenes-AD-Simulation__VADM1.pdf

(External content. Source: The MathWorks GmbH, Adalperostraße 45, 85737 Ismaning)

Simulation Standards for the Development of AVs

Nicco Dillmann & Benjamin Engel, ASAM

PDF Download Link: ASAM_Standards-AD-development__VADM1.pdf

(External content. Source: ASAM e. V., Altlaufstr. 40, 85635 Hoehenkirchen)

SiaSearch – Providing the Key to the Treasure of Driving Data

Dr. Mark Pfeiffer, SiaSearch

PDF Download Link: SiaSearch_Providing-Key-Treasure-Driving-Data__VADM1.pdf

(External content. Source: MX Automotive GmbH, Friedrichstraße 125, 10117 Berlin)

Data Enabling for AD Function Developers

Felix Müller, DXC Technology

PDF Download Link: /DXC-Technology_Data-Enabling-AD-Function-Developers__VADM1.pdf

(External content. Source: DXC Technology, Karl-Hammerschmidt-Str. 34-36, 85609 Dornach-Aschheim)

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