End of 2018 (18.12.), we had the eighth Autonomous Driving Meetup in Munich, hosted by IBM at IBM Watson IoT Center.
In case you missed the meetup or want to review some talks, please find all presented slides below!

IBM Data Management for ADAS

Frank Krämer, IBM

PDF Download Link: IBM_Data-Management-for-ADAS__ADM8.pdf

(External content. Source: IBM, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 6, 80807 München)

Perception for Autonomous Driving

Dr. Francesco Ferroni, Autonomous Intelligent Driving

Slides not available.

Deep Learning Quality Assurance

Marius Reuther, DLQA

PDF Download Link: DLQA_Deep-Learning-Quality-Assurance__ADM8.pdf

(External content. Source: DLQA, Rollnerstr. 49, 90408 Nürnberg)

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