In March 2018 (27.03.), we had the fifth Autonomous Driving Meetup in Munich, hosted by MAN Truck & Bus.
In case you missed the meetup or want to review some talks, please find all presented slides below!


Dr. Tito Tang, MAN Truck & Bus AG

Slides can not be shared

An affordable high-resolution long-range lidar for autonomous driving

Dr. Mathias Müller, Blickfeld GmbH

PDF Download Link: LiDAR__Blickfeld__Mathias__ADM5.pdf

(External content. Source: Blickfeld GmbH, Barthstr. 12, 80339 München)

Functional Safety beyond ISO26262 for Neural Networks in Highly Automated Driving

Florian Bogenberger, Exida GmbH

PDF Download Link: Functional_Safety_beyond_ISO26262_for_Neural_Networks__Exida__Florian_ADM5.pdf

(External content. Source: GmbH, Prof. Messerschmitt Str. 1, 85579 Neubiberg)

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